Our Compassion Family

Did You Know That You Matter?

You Absolutely do!

You are Valuable.

You can do Anything.

You are Appreciated.

You are Loved.

You are Talented.

You make a Difference.

You are Amazing.

You matter to our Family here at Compassion Healthcare.

Mrs. Pamela Potts, R.N.

Compassion Healthcare's 

January Monthly Winner 

May you be proud of the work you do. May you be proud of the person you are and the difference you make. We appreciate your outstanding accomplishments.

Thank you and God bless, Compassion Healthcare Family

Compassion Healthcare's

February Monthly Winner


Thank you

Just An Opportunity to Say

"Wow" and "Thank You"

for all your great work!


                       Compassion Healthcare Team 

Compassion Healthcare's 

March Monthly Winner

No one is more cherished in the world than someone who lightens the burden of another. 

Thank you 

for being such a dedicated and valuble Employee!

Compassion Healthcare Team